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                                                        Brokers/ Managers:
                                Manage, Recruit and Retain:

                                      Motivate, Guide, Inspire, Overcome

                                                          RECRUITING TOP PRODUCERS:
                                                Consistent recruiting creates consistent results.

Start recruiting the top producers in your market. The agents who bring big production and are not Prima-Donnas. The ones you never bother going after because you know they are happy where they are. We have developed a method. It is unique and counterintuitive, not what is normally done.  A proven system for attracting top agents who will fit in with the culture of your office.
Try this recruiting system at no charge and then you decide if it can work for you.

Your true wealth is your time. Control your calendar and you control your life.  
Time management is the first key. Either you manage your time or time will manage you. How to move beyond putting out fires, handling interruptions while things you must, need and or want to do pile up on your desk.

  • Time to get things done.
  • Time to clear your desk.
  • Time to get things right.
  • Time for your team.
  • Time for yourself.
  • Time for your family.

How to find out what they really need and want to get results.
How to inspire your team to their best performance.
How to build loyalty and retention.
How to Build momentum in your office, set goals and meet them with quarterly and annual targets.
How to serve the high-end market in your community.
How to master the telephone. A major key to your team’s financial success.


  • If you don’t have a plan then that becomes your plan.
  • Any plan is better than no plan.
  • Start with the basics and then discover the plan that works for you in your unique market
  • You will never eliminate the ups and downs entirely but with a workable plan you will keep the ups and down within a rage that will bring a new found stability and consistent growth to your life and your work in real estate. 

Dear Paul: 
Many of the trainers I have known are  "drill sergeants",  However, 65% of people in real estate need, appreciate, and identify with a softer, more rational, and nurturing  approach like yours.  Some people get in this business because they like helping other people fulfill their dreams, not just because they want the big sales numbers. We need your approach.
Good luck!
Janet Yellen, Broker, Agent REO
Charleston South Carolina

                                                                   ABOUT PAUL K.
Paul has inspired thousands of brokers and agents to achieve more than they thought they could. Attitude and persistence without struggle is the key to the success of any endeavor.
Paul, is graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, a consultant and lecturer to both individuals and corporations. Mr. Kaufman has trained, consulted and coached extensively with 1000’s of real estate professionals and has received praise from agents and brokers alike. In addition he has lectured and trained teams and individuals in all skill sets and job titles ranging from management, administrative, marketing, sales and production. Paul  has served on the Board of the American Parkinson's Disease Society, taught at the California Institute of the Arts and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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