Paul K. 
If you go to three universities and take the same course you get three different educations. It’s not just the subject it’s the teacher, the method and the unique, personal, one 2 one approach.



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Agents: Growing your income.

Training, Coaching, Mentoring.

National Pod Cast Radio. Where Realtors speak to Buyers and Sellers in their market.



       Let us show you how to find Sellers in your       market that you didn't know were there.


Its time to have your best year ever.  Have a personal,free,live one 2 one phone conference with Paul K.

Take a quantum leap in your Income.

 “THE COURSE” will provide you with the road map, the tools and the accountability to achieve your personal” Tipping Point” to success for yourself and your team.

Recruiting top producers and increasing Listings and Closings for Agents.

Guiding  you to discover the plan that works for you.
Showing you how to create a plan of action that will fit your unique market, your unique personality and your unique goals as an individual agent, broker, realtor.

                                                          "THESE ARE THE ESSENTIALS"
                                                        Residential  and Commercial Agents.

Establish your mastery of the basics and your knowledge of advanced techniques to reach the “Tipping Point” of command, skills and expertise you must have to triumph as a Realtor or Broker.

                                                                            Drill Down:
                                                                Try it for yourself at no charge!

Knowing and doing are two different things. How to end procrastination once and for all. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. We will show you and walk you through the proven 4 step process to success.


                                                                        “The Essentials”
                                                     THE ESSENTIALS COURSE CONSISTS OF:

WEEKLY: live, personal, on the phone, one 2 one training sessions as well as videos, audios and online interaction for a period of three to four months. These sessions will go to the heart of your particular situation and what you need to succeed. Whether it be organization, time management, developing new leads, follow through, or some other area, this course will revitalize your practice, identify and solve those factors that stand in your way to success, and will dramatically increase your listings and closings.  
The agents we work with average 6 figure incomes  90% of the time after finishing the one 2 one training.

                                                                     WHAT YOU WILL GET
                                                      *** AS A GRADUATE  YOU RECEIVE: ***

                              A lifetime membership in the “ Quantum Leap” post graduate team.
1.  Free, ongoing personal, live one 2 one sessions at your request whenever you feel you need a review to maintain the gains you will have made in the course.
2. The complete, ongoing series of “Quantum Leap” Audio and Video library for building and maintaining your Practice or Brokerage.
3. Live update sessions with additional approaches to Lead Generation, follow through and Brokerage building.
4. E-mail updates with tips, reminders and techniques on building and maintaining your business.
5. Ongoing access to the “National Realtors Radio” Podcast.

                                                                       PAUL’S STORY
                                                                           Mr. Paul K  

Paul, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, is a consultant and lecturer to both individuals and corporations. Mr. Kaufman has trained, consulted and coached extensively with 1000’s of real estate professionals and has received praise from agents and brokers alike. In addition he has lectured and trained teams and individuals in all skill sets and job titles ranging from management, administrative, marketing, sales and production. Paul  has served on the Board of the American Parkinson's Disease Society, taught at the California Institute of the Arts and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Dear fellow Broker/ Agent

I want to recommend the finest training materials and teaching program I have seen to date.  This gentleman and his program, has a clear, simple, quiet, confident, nurturing, teaching method that only comes with many years of experience and complete in depth mastery of the topic. 
He is truly an expert.  Making his valuable teaching material available to yourself and to all agents and brokers in your office on a weekly basis will impact your bottom line and provide a continuous drip of inspiration all sales people need. I have been with Coldwell Banker for 28 years.  My wife Joan is our Relocation Director.  Son Joe, who is a Realtor, has an MBA, is Vice President.  I have taken many educational and motivational courses over the years, including most everything offered in print and tape.  I maintain an active Broker Licenses in both Illinois and Missouri. As a Managing Broker I understand the necessity of constant training and refresher training even for my most experienced agents (as well as myself!) Please see what you can do to have this wonderful program included for yourself as well as all agents in your office. Thank you very much Very best regards,
Alan Mays
Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker
Quincy, Illinois

                                                                             WHY US?
1. This is not a cookie cutter course, a one size fits all. It's one 2 one.  It's geared to your specific needs. Whether you are a pro or just at the starting gate. This course will take you to the next level of organization and income.

2. Try it for yourself at no charge.
It's not a mater of who is the best trainer mentor coach, but who is the best one for you.
If you attend three different universities and take the same course you get three different educations.

                                   WHY IS COACHING, TRAINING AND MENTORING IMPORTANT?
                         Today, the two most indispensable tools you will end up spending money on are,
                                                                      Training and Technology.

A GREAT COACH, MENTOR, TRAINER, BRINGS OUT YOUR PERSONAL BEST:Have you ever heard of a professional athlete succeeding without a coach, trainer, mentor or all three?  Basically never, of course there are always exceptions but they are rare indeed. As Brokers, Agents and Realtors we are exactly like athletes.

  • An athlete, although a team player depends on personal performance and excellence to succeed.
  • So, do you, the Agent or Broker.
  • An athlete succeeds by establishing a winning mindset and keeping his or her focus on the task at hand.
  • So, do you the Agent, Broker, Realtor
  • An athlete succeeds through practice and persistence.
  • So do you the Agent, Broker, Realtor
  • An athlete cannot always maintain objectivity because it is an individual task. An outside guide is essential.
  • So, it is with you, the Agent, Broker, Realtor
  • An athlete has the talent to succeed but cannot necessary create and manage a blueprint for success.
  • So, it is with you, the Agent, Broker, Realtor


                                                DON’T GET CAUGHT IN THE FAMILIAR TRAP OF
                                                                 MUST DO BUT CAN’T DO.
                                                          WANT TO HAVE BUT CAN’T HAVE.
                                                  MUST DO BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO.

HI Everyone   I just got off the phone with my personal consultant, Paul K.  Every conversation with Paul teaches me something of value. This time, we did a " recorded interview" that, when edited and refined, will be on my signature line for all e-mails and on my personal website. Check out Paul's Website and listen to the Audio Clip that is featured.  Take the time, you'll be glad that you did. Paul has been fabulous for me and I would encourage you to take his calls and spend time with him.
Pat Fink, Office Leader, Broker/Manager
Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Paul,                                                            TESTIMONIAL
You are a complete blessing. Made 5 phone calls today. Got 2 leads. Too funny. It is so wonderful to be working back with my contact management system. Bit awkward contacting some people I haven’t spoken with for several years….but I’ve told myself, each phone call is worth a million dollars in sales volume, take my short walk for a mile, call 4 people…..or 5 and then start the day.
Appreciate your format, genius is in the simplicity and basics. Will work on the data base transfer…
Neil Johnson
Managing Broker
Waitsfield VT.

                                             Take the struggle out of your business and your life .
If you persist but without pressure. If you have accountability but without pressure .You are on the royal road to success. We have trained many thousands of Agents Brokers and realtors over the past 19 years. our record of success is in the 90 % range

     ​Educational Training Inc.

                ​For Real Estate Professionals.

Check out the “Management” section above.
Recruit top producers, Retain, grow your team and master Time Management. Save having to reinvent the wheel. Create big producers in your office. Get your agents moving toward higher production. Reduce your training work load. Shorten the sales cycle of the agents. Increase income for your office.

Brokers: Growing your team.

Management, Recruiting, Retention, 

Social Media Marketing.